1. Weird

    Watch a Red Hot Ball of Nickel Bring Fiery Death to a Bunch of Peeps for Easter or Whatever

    Sunday is Peeps Appreciation Day, and YouTube's famous Red Hot Ball of Nickel is appreciating the hell out of them the only way it knows how: hot, fiery destruction. What is it about watching this flaming ball of metal destroy things that we love so much? Don't question. Just watch some Peeps get messed up.

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  2. Science

    Why Are Babies Cute? Because Science, That’s Why! Let AsapSCIENCE Explain

    Babies are cute, sure, but why are they cute? AsapSCIENCE explains the science of "Baby Schema" and why we just want to pinch those widdle cheeks. Conversely, Earth Unplugged explains the science behind why some animals are so very ugly.

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  3. Weird

    Flight Attendant Turns Safety Demonstration Into Comedy Routine, Because Flying’s Not Awful Enough Already

    Commercial air travel is one of the worst, most frustrating ways to get around. Southwest flight attendant Martha Cobb decided to mix things up and turn her in-flight safety briefing into a comedy routine. She got laughs, so at least some of her passengers were into it, but please -- other flight attendants -- don't start doing this.

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  4. Entertainment

    “The New Choobs” Dropped a Bunch of Fart Sounds Over Kylie Minogue’s “Sexercise” Video, and We Can’t Stop Laughing

    Kylie Minogue released a new video for her song "Sexercise" recently, and a lot of people on the Internet have opinions about it. The New Choobs took it upon themselves to drop fart sounds over it, and the result is a work of fart. There's a lot of giggling at Geekosystem Headquarters today.

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  5. Entertainment

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Enjoy This Supercut of Christopher Walken Dancing

    Christopher Walken isn't just an actor. He's an entertainer with a strong dance background, and he likes to show it off. The guy dances quite a bit in movies. Don't believe me? Just watch this supercut from the Huffington Post's Ben Craw showing off some of Walken's best moves.

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  6. Entertainment

    The Human Tim Broke 1,000,000 Views on YouTube and Rocked “TaleSpin” to Celebrate

    Congratulations to YouTube rocker TheHumanTim on crossing the 1,000,000 view mark over the weekend. To celebrate he's released a much-requested (by us) rock cover of the theme song from the classic Disney Afternoon show TaleSpin.

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  7. Weird

    The “Pi Is Wrong” Movement Thinks Pi Day Is the Columbus Day of Math-Based Holidays

    We know you love Pi Day, Internet. March 14th = 3.14, and it's an excuse to eat pie. Trust us: we're on board, but not everyone is. Some people think pi is "wrong" and that celebrating it is therefore wrong. Some of those people think we should celebrate Tau instead, but then what dessert do we eat on June 28th?

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  8. Tech

    See What Happens When the Fine Bros. Give a Bunch of Kids a Rotary Phone in Kids React to Technology

    Stop and take a minute to remember how frustrating a rotary phone could really be, and if you don't remember, just be happy you live in the future. The Fine Brothers put a rotary phone in the hands of their Kids React kids that they seem to have on hand at all times, and the results are expectedly pretty great.

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  9. Weird

    Man Draws 365 Dick Doodles for His Wife

    "In February 2013, my wife bought a white board. I told her I was going to draw penises on it every day." Thus begins this masterpiece of a video from the aptly titled Youtube user 365DaysofPenises, who kept his promise and uploaded the NSFW yet sweet results to the internet so we may all know what beauty his love has wrought.

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  10. Science

    Get to Know the Science Behind Sriracha With This Video

    Curious why Sriracha is so good? It's because of science! (Isn't everything?) In this video from the new(ish) YouTube series Reactions by Kirk Zamieroski from the American Chemical Society we get a molecular-level look at what makes Sriracha so uniquely wonderful, and now we're hungry for fiery deliciousness.

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  11. Entertainment

    Here’s a Golden-Voiced Clown Singing Lorde’s “Royals” Just Because

    We were talking about clowns this morning in Geekosystem Headquarters and the news that we're facing a clown shortage, so I thought I would share this video of a giant, golden-voiced clown named Puddles covering Lorde's hit "Royals." You can find more about Puddles on his site: Puddles Pity Party.

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  12. Entertainment

    Thingstarter is Back to Help Get Your “Creative” Adult Children Out of Your House

    Adult kids living at home and trying to pursue their dreams, amirite? Ugh. What are they going to do? Start a blog? Gross. Get those lazy so-and-sos on the right track by funding their real lives with RealLifeStarter. Or pretend to anyway. It's not a real thing. Just the latest episode os Thingstarter.

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  13. Entertainment

    Here’s How to Watch Today’s Super Bowl Commercials Without Watching the Dumb Super Bowl

    You may have noticed a common thread in today's Geekosystem posts. That thread, of course, is that football is boring. That's because it is. Commercials that air during the Super Bowl tend to be pretty good, and for years we've had to suffer through football to see them. No more. Here's how to watch just the commercials.

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  14. Tech

    Tonight’s State of the Union Will Have More Social Media, Probably More Statiness and Unionness as a Result*

    The White House is trying to punch up the State of the Union stream this year with added social media integration. You can tweet all of your nodding and incessant clapping right along with government officials, and you can Vine, Instagram, Tweet, and Facebook—the things hip, young voters like to do—your concerns in an online Q&A session afterwards.

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  15. Weird

    This Snowball Slingshot Will Win You Your Next Snowball Fight, but Might Make it Your Last

    Throwing snowballs at your friends can be a fun winter activity, but if you want to step your game up and do some damage then you'll want to see this video by YouTuber Joergsprave. Please use your new powers for good and not evil.

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