1. Weird

    The Zombie Apocalypse Is Already Here and It’s in Red Hook, Brooklyn

    When you actually sit down to wonder about how news of an actual zombie apocalypse would spread, you tend to assume it'll slowly trickle in on Twitter or blow up after a big CDC press release. You don't think that you'll learn about it from Google Maps, of all places. Alas, truth is stranger than fiction, and the apocalypse is nigh.

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  2. Weird

    Not Sure How To Survive The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse? Take This Course From Michigan State

    At this point, I think it's safe to say we all know the that zombie apocalypse is an inevitability. But will you be prepared for the end times? Michigan State University has your back, and is offering a course that will teach you everything you need to know in order to transform yourself into a walker-fighter Rick Grimes would be proud of.

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  3. Weird

    Here’s An Analysis Of Your State’s Preparation For The Zombie Apocalypse

    Real estate blog Estately has done America a huge public service and compiled the definitive data on which states are prepared to conquer an Army of the undead and which will inevitably turn into apocalyptic Zombiestan wastelands. On the plus side, at least New York real estate prices will drop?

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  4. Entertainment

    Edited, “Family Friendly” Walking Dead Coming to Fox Syndicate

    Beginning this Fall, Fox-owned syndicate MyNetworkTV will be airing two episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead a week. But, the broadcast network's version of the show will obviously look a little different than the post-apocalyptic America we're used to seeing on AMC—MyNetwork will have to follow strict editing guidelines to make the show "family friendly".

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  5. Weird

    College Offers Course On Zombies and God

    Ah, college. It's a time for sexual exploration, academic engrossment, and preparing oneself for the coming apocalypse. Michigan State University now offers a religious course in zombies, because apparently college kids only care about their brains when they're protecting them from the undead.

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  6. Entertainment

    Walking Dead Obstacle Course Coming to a City Near You

    If, like, just going for a run or something isn't a sufficiently horrifying way for you to get your exercise, rejoice! The hit of the 2012 San Diego comic con, The Walking Dead Escape, may be coming to a city near you. It's just like the show, but better, because there's no Carl.

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  7. Gaming

    Live-Action Minecraft Short Makes Steve A Pickaxe-Wielding Bad-Ass

    It's just a normal day for Steve, Minecraft's main protagonist, wandering around the vast world with his pickaxe. Oh, and doing some zombie- and witch-killing, while he's at it. In this short film from Ben Combes (who previously released a two-part series on creepers), we see what Minecraft life would be like in high-def.

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  8. Science

    Mathematicians Wrote a Paper on How the Zombie Apocalypse Won’t Kill Us All, Made Us Grateful for Math

    Building on the work of another paper about how a zombie apocalypse would go down, because that's a thing mathematicians apparently work on, Caitlyn Witkowski of Bryant University and Brian Blais of Brown University have written a paper on their mathematical findings that a zombie apocalypse wouldn't wipe us all out, so that's comforting.

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  9. Tech

    Hacker Creates Flying “Zombie Drones,” May Have Been Reading Our Nightmare Journals

    If there are two things that scare the bejeezus out of us, they're zombie apocalypses and evil robot apocalypses. It was only a matter of time before someone combined them into the perfect geek terror machine, and that someone is hacker Samy Kamkar. Kamkar has equipped a flying drone with the ability to turn nearby drones into its zombie slaves.

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  10. Entertainment

    This Thanksgiving, We’re Thankful for Mystery Science Theater 3,000′s 25th Anniversary Marathon

    Be super thankful as you watch six classic episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3,000 for free this Thanksgiving thanks to Shout! Factory. In honor of the show's 25 years, Shout! is selling a different MST3K box sets at a discounted price every day in November, and they'll marathon six of the greatest episodes on Thanksgiving Day.

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  11. Tech

    Google’s Mystery Barges Are Portable Showrooms, Google One Step Closer to World Domination

    Google's barges have been puzzling us all week after one showed up in San Francisco Bay and another in Maine's Casco Bay. Despite fears that they may be full of zombies like Microsoft's giant Xbox One— yup, you read that right— it seems that they're mobile showrooms for Google X projects. We'll keep you posted on whether that rules out zombies.

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  12. Entertainment

    Watch an Awesome Live Action Recreation of the Dead Island Trailer [Video]

    The Dead Island trailer was pretty much the best video game trailer ever made, because it wasn't so much a trailer as it was a very short, computer generated zombie movie that was better than a lot of full-length zombie movies. Watch Machinima's amazing live action version, but be prepared to feel things, unless you are dead inside. Or a zombie.

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  13. Weird

    Bulletproof Squirrel Most Hardcore of All Squirrels

    We've talked about the hellscape squirrels will launch us into when they disable our electrical grid. Some of you might think, "Well why don't we just shoot all the squirrels?" Nope! You can't, because squirrels don't care about getting shot. At least this one squirrel doesn't. He was hit with a bullet and just keeps right on squirrelin'.

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  14. Entertainment

    George Romero Wrote a Screen Adaptation for The Zombie Autopsies

    There is something symbolic about the man who first gave life to the modern zombie deciding to make yet another zombie movie. The word is out: George A. Romero has completed a script adaptation of The Zombie Autopsies, which is now circulating amongst studios, and he hopes that it will picked up quickly enough to be his next project.

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  15. Entertainment

    Top Panels to Attend or Keep an Eye on at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

    After spending more time than is healthy perusing the entire schedule for San Diego Comic-Con, my initial response was to considering begging for a ticket to San Diego. I would tell you what I'd do for it, but putting that in writing might be illegal. Suffice it to say: The multitude of panels look so incredible, it is almost impossible to decide which you (assuming you are lucky enough to go!) ought to attend. Worry not, gentle reader: Below is the list of 50 events I would mainline caffeine, wear hideous athletic sneakers, and maybe work on that whole being-in-two-places-at-once-issue to attend, helpfully divided into categories of interest.

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