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“Throw Stones” Is A Stunningly-Beautiful Song Tribute To Sailor Moon

In the name of the moon, she will make you cry.

Singer-songwriter Mary Bichner is an incredibly talented vocalist and composer – and also a huge fan of Sailor Moon. When you put her passions together, you get “Throw Stones,” a haunting tribute to Sailor Galaxia (a character who appears towards the end of the Sailor Moon story-arc).

According to Bichner’s blog, the song was inspired by Galaxia expressing her anger at fate, as she’s slowly taken over by Chaos, overwhelmed with sorrow and discontent. It’s heartbreaking, but I can’t stop listening to it; and, as a former violist, I love the double viola in her string quartet. You can download the single for free on Bichner’s Bandcamp!

(via Evan MacIsaac, images via YouTube and CCSX)

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