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Real-Life War Machine Suit Not Built in Cave With Box of Scraps

In fact, this War Machine suit was built in a month for about $4,000.  Now, for tha $4,000 model ther’, you’re not goin’ to be able to fly, or shoot repulsor beams, or fire ammunition, and you’re definitely not goin’ to be able to fold it all up int’a suitcase.

But you’ve still got the motorized faceplate!

This War Machine suit was built by Anthony Le out of (mostly) urethane, 1,500 rivets and washers, and resin for the faceplate.  Not to mention the servo that controls the helmet, the LEDs in the eyes and chestplate, and the system of pipes and a motor that he fashioned into a spinning replica of a Gatling gun.

Yeah, that’s right.  The gun spins.  From PopSci:

To activate it, he presses a button in the palm of the suit’s glove. He says the gun could also be converted into a paintball shooter.

See for yourselves:

(PopSci via Kotaku.)

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