Tech Friday, May 18th 2012 at 1:13 pm

Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s Fortune Fluctuate Minute By Minute

The Facebook IPO finally went through this morning and Facebook stock is available for trade on NASDAQ. Hoorah. You’d be hard-pressed to get your hands on any shares (currently $40.99 a piece) but your good pal Zucks has his obscene fortune tied up in his 503.6 million shares (now $41.07 a piece) of Facebook stock. Curious how much those shares are worth at any given time? Of course you are; everybody likes witnessing the exact value of someone else’s absurdly large fortune ($20.67 billion, up from $20.64 billion like 2 minutes ago), right? Luckily there’s a widget for that.

Enter the Mark Zuckerberg Wealth-o-Meter from the Wall Street Journal. Take a look and watch as he gains or loses more than your entire life-savings from minute to minute. He just made $100 million over the course of my writing this. And then lost it all while I was editing. And made it back again, just in time for publishing.

Refresh for an updated value. And then maybe cry a little bit because you will never, ever be close to that rich.

(Wall Street Journal via Gizmodo)

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