Weird Tuesday, July 19th 2011 at 10:41 am

This Man Has The World’s Largest Collection of Gnomes

If you look very, very carefully in the image above you’ll see Ron Broomfield, a retired UK window washer that owns the world’s largest collection of gnomes, and gnome paraphernalia. Clocking in at 1,600 gnomes, Broomfield’s collection is not to be trifled with. But he better watch his back, the second biggest collection apparently is nipping at his heels with 1,597 gnomes.

Between The Mary Sue’s coverage of dwarves and this gnome collection, I think we’ve pretty much got all the bases covered when it comes to mystical, diminutive peoples.

What’s that? You want more gnomes? Why, just read on below.

(via Best Week Ever)

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